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Camacho Consulting provides security and workplace violence solutions tailored to a healthcare facility’s needs and budgetary constraints. Their staff conducts workplace safety assessments, provides consultations, and reviews potential liabilities to enhance the security posture of their hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Camacho Consulting is led by Owner Ron Camacho, a current police chief with over 28 years of experience in security and law enforcement and 13 years of training hospital security staff.

Based on their assessments, Camacho Consulting creates a comprehensive and tailored safety and workplace violence program to either augment or improve what the hospital already has in place. They introduce new ideas to enhance facility security, recommend training, and facilitate meetings with criminal justice partners such as local police, district attorneys, and magistrates to foster better relationships.

Camacho Consulting provides the following services:

  • Workplace Safety Assessments: Camacho conducts in-depth evaluations and communicates with key staff, including nurses and executives to gather valuable insights into a facility’s training protocols and policies.
  • Workplace Safety Consultations: Camacho’s experts make valuable suggestions to improve security measures, assist in developing comprehensive emergency response plans, and ensure that a hospital is well-prepared to handle any unforeseen situations.
  • Liability Assessments: Camacho’s consultants conduct a comprehensive review of hospital policies, procedures, and training protocols from a legal standpoint to ensure facilities are well protected against potential lawsuits.
  • Facilitating Meetings with Law Enforcement: Camacho Consulting acts as a bridge between a hospital and local law enforcement agencies by facilitating meetings and conversations to enhance collaboration, communication, and the overall relationship between your organizations.
  • Training for Security Team and Managers: Through customized interactive sessions, Camacho equips the team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address security concerns, empower staff, and create an environment that prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved.
  • Situational Awareness Training: Camacho can enhance a hospital team’s situational awareness and preparedness with Workplace Safety Consultations. They offer interactive training sessions that help your staff identify potential threats and develop strategies to avoid and disarm them effectively.
"The founder of this company is one of America’s true warrior-heroes. Ron Camacho has dedicated his life to studying, learning, developing superior tactics and capabilities, and leading elite groups in combating the forces of crime and senseless violence around the world."

John Giduck, JD, PhD
Associate Professor, Terrorism Expert & Author

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