FemBridge, powered by HeraMED, aims to redefine healthcare as an essential right, not a privilege. FemBridge is not just an organization; it’s a movement dedicated to revolutionizing maternal health. Their objective is to eradicate healthcare inequalities in maternal health through comprehensive and scalable programs.

FemBridge, powered by HeraMED, delivers personalized SDoH assessments, ensuring swift feedback and resource coordination for individuals identified with insecurities. Their services encompass qualifying individuals for technology access, offering transportation aid, virtual monitoring for maternal and fetal health, customized clinical coaching, and specialized support for maternal mental health and medication management. Their focus is on closing both social and physical healthcare gaps and improving individual outcomes.

  • SDoH Screening Assessments & Coaching: Customized Assessments, Resource Coordination and Technology Qualification Access (ACP) with option SDoH live virtual coaching.
  • Virtual Maternal & Fetal Monitoring: FemBridge, powered by HeraMED is a complete remote patient monitoring program designed for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care.
  • Virtual Dedicated Clinical Coaching: FemBridge’s certified clinical coaches provide specialized and personalized support to women through their preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journeys.
  • Maternal Behavioral Health – Pregnancy and childbirth can trigger more than just physical changes to a woman’s body. Mental well-being can be affected by fluctuating hormones that trigger all kinds of emotions

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