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The Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) is dedicated to improving patient care outcomes by helping healthcare delivery teams thrive. How? By creating resilient cultures where performance and passion converge.

HXF ‘s approach builds on the solid foundations of strength that exist within organizations. They work to help teams break down silos, bolster resiliency, encourage new ways of thinking, embrace positive change, and empower both the patient and the provider to be heroes in their care.

Your teams are already making a difference. HXF helps them find new, engaging ways to put their passion and purpose to work. When strong teams come together to create positive patient experiences, they’re not just building better systems of care, they’re transforming healthcare for everyone.

HXF works across organizational teams and titles to help administrators, physicians and nurses grapple with some of the toughest challenges facing their organizations. From improving HCAHPS scores, engaging employees, to elevating brand reputation, and everything in between, they help their clients find solutions that generate more than impactful numbers and generate impressive results for their clients:

  • an average of 21 percentile point improvement in patient experience survey domain results.
  • a 20 percent increase in Value Based Purchasing (VBP) performance, earning back at risk dollars.
  • a reduction in employee turnover by 87% on average.
  • a 64 percentile increase in employee satisfaction.
  • an increase of 26 average percentile points in Physician Communication perceptions.

In March 2021, HXF launched its latest workforce development tool—the pandemic-approved, all virtual Healthcare Experience Academy. HXF has partnered with the award-winning producers at Blackburst Entertainment to create an immersive video learning experience, delivering timely educational content from physicians, clinicians, patient experience experts, and healthcare leaders. Healthcare Experience Academy is a pragmatic and competency-based learning platform that positions healthcare teams to deliver exceptional experiences to patients, families and one another. It empowers an organization’s most precious resource—its people—to deliver more consistent and compassionate care.

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