Hospital Services Corporation (HSC)

HSC, is a credentials verification organization (CVO) with the experience and expertise to offer individual or combined program benefits verifying and enrolling your providers quickly, ensuring faster treatment and reimbursement with your contracted payers.

Hospital Services Corporation provides the following Services:

  • Credentials Verification: Hospital Services Corporation’s system and team expertise go beyond automation to solve complex and complicated cases with an 18-day average.
  • Provider Enrollment: Enjoy faster reimbursement with HSC’s Credential Verification and Provider Enrollment. The detailed systematic workflow creates accurate and complete submissions.
  • Background Investigation Services: Make confident hiring decisions with HSC’s Background Investigations Services. A full menu of standard or customizable packages that will ensure a thorough detailed applicant analysis. With standard results within 48 hours, this service can complement your recruitment process.
  • Exit Interviews: Obtain accurate data and Increase exit interview participation by having a neutral third-party interviewer ask your customized interview questions. Detailed exit reporting and real-time information will benefit any organization looking to enhance the employee experience.

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