Outpatient Commitment

Outpatient commitment may be ordered when an individual does not meet the legal requirements for inpatient commitment but needs treatment in order to prevent further deterioration. Treatment occurs in the community and is court ordered to prevent the individual from becoming dangerous to themselves or others.

Outpatient commitment occurs when a judge orders a person to receive treatment in the community for their mental illness. Click below to learn how Senate Bill 630: Revise IVC Laws changes the outpatient commitment process.Before ordering outpatient commitment, the outpatient provider must agree to accept the patient into treatment and serve as the responsible party for the management and supervision of the outpatient commitment order. A copy of the order will be shared with the provider, client, and legally responsible person.

Based on applicability, a copy of the outpatient commitment order may also be shared with the LME/MCO

SB 630: Revise IVC Laws to Improve Behavioral Health (SL 2018-33) Section 30. § 122C-271. Disposition.

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