Joint Statement on House Version: SB408, Rural Healthcare Access and Savings Plan

 June 23, 2022 – Providing access to high-quality healthcare for the working poor across our state is a top priority for all three of our organizations.  We are grateful for the thoughtful proposal developed by the House to ensure that every North Carolinian has health care coverage. Senate Bill 408, Rural Healthcare Access and Savings Plan, puts forth a fiscally responsible road map for Medicaid expansion and modernization that maximizes available federal resources along with providing the promise of health care coverage for over half a million North Carolinians caught in the gap, particularly those in rural communities. Additionally, Senate Bill 408 establishes a significant investment for the state’s behavioral healthcare system and workforce development. We support this proposal as introduced today.  Other proposals in consideration include changes to healthcare policy that would compromise the quality of patient care.  We look forward to working with House leaders as they continue to refine the details of this important legislation.  

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