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Healthcare Workforce Experience Accelerator

CaroNova recently launched a Healthcare Workforce Experience Accelerator project that will focus on retaining and strengthening the current healthcare workforce in the Carolinas. The project will accelerate health system adoption of best practices for improving healthcare worker resilience and reducing burnout. In 2022, North Carolina’s hospitals faced the worst staffing shortage since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a shortage driven by many factors including high rates of burnout among care delivery teams, retiring staff, and healthcare workers relocating out of state or shifting to travel and contract positions. By 2033, North Carolina is expected to face an estimated shortage of approximately 12,500 registered nurses and over 5,000 LPNs. These forecasted shortages underscore the severity of the workforce obstacles facing the Carolinas if left unchecked.

This accelerator project will mitigate these challenges and support a robust healthcare workforce by identifying and disseminating effective strategies for health systems to address employee turnover and attrition. The project is currently in its research and codesign phase where the team is actively engaging in a landscape assessment and asset mapping efforts to identify root causes and factors that contribute to healthcare workforce burnout and detract from the healthcare workforce experience.

This project is expected to involve the following activities over the next few years:

Developing a learning collaborative to accelerate the adoption of identified best practices among hospitals across the Carolinas.