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South Carolina Behavioral Health System Redesign

Over the past two years, CaroNova has been supporting SC DHHS in the redesign of South Carolina’s behavioral health system. Since 2022, SC DHHS has been convening a Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) to develop and shape recommendations for a Behavioral Health Master Plan. The Master Plan includes six defined phases or service categories that span the care continuum: 1) acute care, 2) crisis care, 3) outpatient facility-based services, 4) residential treatment, 5) community-based treatment and 6) preventative services. It is intended to serve as a dynamic, long-term planning document outlining the pragmatic roadmap to a comprehensive and effective continuum of behavioral health services across South Carolina. SCDHHS strives for a behavioral health system that not only meets the basic needs of patients in the state but can also serve as a national model for excellence in the provision of behavioral health services.

Additionally, because of SCDHHS’s unique position in providing healthcare coverage to nearly 60% of children in South Carolina through Medicaid, and CaroNova’s existing work to develop a collaborative, cross-sector model of behavioral healthcare for K-12 youth, there was a great opportunity to implement and pilot a comprehensive mental health and wellness model. As a result, CaroNova is working with SCDHHS to develop a comprehensive school-based behavioral health pilot in the PeeDee region. The goal of this effort is to launch a pilot in schools in time for the 2024/2025 school year in Florence, SC, that can serve as a learning lab for integrated school-based behavioral health care for the region.

As of February 2024, the South Carolina Behavioral Health Master Plan has been fully drafted and is undergoing an extensive review process. CaroNova will work with SC DHHS to publish the Master Plan by April 1st in time for legislative budget discussions. CaroNova has also been convening a pilot design workgroup monthly since December 2023. The workgroup is composed of local, state, and national school behavioral health experts who are tasked with co-design the comprehensive school-based behavioral health pilot.

As we wrap up the development of the South Carolina Behavioral Health Master Plan and co-design a school-based pilot, CaroNova will continue to work with SCDHHS to simultaneously strengthen behavioral health services across the state based on Master Plan recommendations. CaroNova will be involved in these efforts through at least July 2025.