Community Wellness

Connecting Technology, Community, and Wellness Coaching to Improve Patient Outcomes and Your Bottom Line

Community Wellness is a full-service, turnkey provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) that helps patients thrive, especially those managing chronic conditions.

Community Wellness delivers a world-class technology and coaching platform called Remote Patient Monitoring Plus (RPM+) that improves patient health outcomes, through HIPAA-compliant (Medicare covered) RPM devices, best-in-class clinical coaching, and robust data analytics.

RPM+ can help reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, readmissions, and utilization while improving access, outcomes, satisfaction, and compliance; reducing costs; and empowering your hospital(s) and physician practices. RPM+ enhances patient care and reduces cost with:

  • Turnkey chronic condition care: Community Wellness manages the provisioning of devices and train patients on their use so integrating RPM+ is seamless — connecting patients to an online supportive community and interactive APP to help improve overall health and wellness.
  • Measurable reduction in readmissions: RPM has been shown to reduce hospital readmissions by up to 50% resulting in significant per-patient savings. Patient retention, Medicare coding, staff efficiency, and data management all improve.
  • Interoperable data system: Community Wellness uses a HIPAA-compliant server that integrates with all major Electronic Medical Records and stores patient data safely and securely. It can quickly and easily transmit patient readings to the hospital and/or primary care provider.


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