Model Opioid Practices

The opioid epidemic in North Carolina is a 100-county problem.  Addiction makes no distinction between age, race, gender, wealth, or education. Addiction is a chronic illness just like any other, and with the right treatment and supports recovery is possible.

The Coalition for Model Opioids Practices in Health Systems is a partnership between the North Carolina Healthcare Association and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Within the coalition, there are three working groups: Prevention and Safe Pain Management, Health System Response, and Healthcare Worker Diversion Efforts. This collaborative work frames the areas of focus our health systems should be prioritizing as they move to develop best practices and tools to combat the ongoing opioid crisis and prevent opioid use disorders as a result of prescribed opioids. Coalition members include representatives from all 130 hospitals in North Carolina, professional societies, and government agencies who are working to address the opioid crisis at a health system level.

Opioid Diversion Toolkit

The Coalition for Model Opioid Practices in Health Systems has created a Healthcare Worker Diversion Toolkit with information and best practices to prevent and respond to a healthcare worker experiencing a substance use disorder.

ED Opioid Pathway

Emergency Departments act as a safety net for many of society’s challenges, including the growing opioid epidemic. The Health System Response working group has complied strategies and best practices to shift the culture and behavior of clinicians within EDs to prevent and treat opioid use disorders.

Patient Education & Prevention

Upstream approaches to prevent addiction is a cornerstone of NCHA’s opioid response strategy. Patient education about prescribed opioids and safe pain management strategies for prescribers is a vital first step.

Standard Opioid Prescribing Schedules Toolkit

This new toolkit was developed to help ensure the safe prescribing of opioids by using standard opioid prescribing schedules.

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