NCHA Statement on NC House Bill 76 Access to Healthcare Options

Cary, NC – Feb. 9, 2023 – The North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA) thanks the sponsors of House Bill 76 Access to Healthcare Options introduced in the North Carolina House yesterday which includes Medicaid expansion to improve access to health care coverage for approximately 600,000 North Carolinians currently in the coverage gap. These hard-working individuals include farmers, fishermen, veterans, clergy, and service industry workers, among others.

Access to health insurance and health care, including preventive care, is a fundamental element of our health care system. As we saw throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy workers are essential for employers to operate and for our state to have a healthy economy. Health coverage opens the door to good primary care, reduces emergency department visits, provides needed help for those who struggle with addiction and behavioral health issues, and helps control overall health care costs – costs that are ultimately shared by everyone.

In addition, the Healthcare Access and Stabilization Program (HASP) gives the state an opportunity to bring in billions of dollars in federal funds to help stabilize rural hospitals and add to the state’s General Fund to address issues such as our growing mental health crisis. This federally funded program comes at no cost to the state and would also have the effects of improving provider participation in our Medicaid program, strengthening network adequacy and access to care.

“NCHA thanks the sponsors of this bill from both sides of the political aisle. They include Representatives Chris Humphrey, Donny Lambeth, Garland Pierce, Donna White, Matthew Winslow, and Michael Wray,” said Steve Lawler, president and chief executive officer of the North Carolina Healthcare Association. “Passing Medicaid expansion and HASP is a bipartisan issue. Members of all political parties want communities that are healthy and hospital doors that are open. We look forward to continuing to work with members of the General Assembly to make this a good bill that will help hundreds of thousands of our neighbors and that we can all point to with pride.”


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